Christopher Van Kleeck, PSY.D.

Presentation Title:
Habilitation Therapy: How to Be Alzheimer's Friendly

Licensed Psychologist since 1988.

I have been a psychologist since 1988 and enjoy working as a private practitioner in my own office. I answer my own cell phone and make appointments directly with you when you call. My patients tell me that my approach is both kind and direct -- many say that I "tell it like it is" while being respectful and understanding of where they are coming from. No psycho-babble! I am NOT a silent therapist who says "uh huh." I am conversational and try to keep us focused on your stated goals for therapy.

I treat adults (meaning over 21) for depression and anxiety. My approach is what is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This means that we explore your beliefs about your self and others and challenge the unrealistic: "Everybody must like me," "I need to do everything perfect or I am no good."