Mabel Lopez, Ph.D

conference topic: Link Seen Between Concussions and Dementia

Dr. Lopez is active in the Southwest Florida Community. Her passion for mental health is evident in the multiple association, institutions, and organizations of which she is a volunteers, leader, and advisor. Note that she is not employed by any of the following organizations; rather, her contributions are voluntary. Moreover, her talent and skills are highlighted by being honored with appointments and responsibilities in these very well-known organizations.

From 2009 to present, Dr. Lopez has been a Advisory Board (2009-2012) and Board of Trustee (2013-present) member for the Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center. The Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center is a local United Way organization which provides assistance and support to Alzheimer’s persons and their caregivers in Lee County, Florida. The mission of the Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center is to provide educational, informational, and supportive resources for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders and their caregivers in Lee County, Florida.

Dr. Mabel Lopez recommends that patient’s dealing with dementia and their caregivers become involved with the Alvin A. Dubin Alzheimer’s Resource Center. All services are free of charge and quality of life will improve for both patient and caregivers with this added support.

Dr. Lopez was president (2010-2012) and is currently board representative (2011-2013) for the Calusa Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association.

Dr. Lopez was Chief of Psychiatry and Psychology (2008-2012) for Lee Memorial and HealthPark Hospital. She has hospital privileges at all local hospitals (Lee Memorial Hospital, Health Park Medical Center, Cape Coral Hospital, and Gulf Coast Medical Center). She may be consulted at any of the above-mentioned hospitals and would be happy to follow an established, hospitalized patient upon medical request. She also accepts hospital referrals for new patients on a case-by-case basis.

Dr. Lopez is a former the advisory committee for the American Psychological Associations (APA), Division 40 (Neuropsychology), Ethnic Minority Affair’s (EMA) committee (2010-2012).

Dr. Lopez completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship/Residency in Neuropsychology within the Department of Clinical & Health Psychology, University of Florida at Shands Teaching Hospital, Gainesville, FL. As a postdoctoral resident, and under the supervision of Dr. Dawn Bowers, she led the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the McKnight Brain Institute, where she supervised neuropsychology interns, graduate students, lab manger, and undergraduates. She conducted research and provided clinical care at The University of Florida Movement Disorders Center (UFMDC), a center of excellence in the research and treatment of movement disorders (dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, ataxia, etc.).