Benefits of Working with a Care Manager

Benefits of Care Management Services:

Care management services are offered in a variety of settings. We believe the care management model utilized by ALCA® Florida Chapter members best serves the clients and their representatives. Practitioners can offer:

  • Short-term or ongoing assistance for long-term caregivers;
  • Personalized services designed specifically to meet the client's wants and needs;
  • Continuity of care management to reduce miscommunications, time, stress, and costs to clients;
  • Efficiency and flexibility because care management services are streamlined and client-centered, not complicated by bureaucratic red tape;
  • Cost control because ALCA® Florida Chapter members strive to reduce inappropriate institutional care and overuse of services. They match the services to the client’s needs and help contain costs. Ongoing monitoring can prevent costly crises and unnecessary hospitalizations;
  • Quality control because ALCA® Florida Chapter is a chapter of the Aging Life Care® Association, which has adopted standards of practice for all its members. In addition, all full members are reviewed for educational and experience requirements prior to acceptance into the Aging Life Care® Association.

Who Uses Care Management Services?

Care Management Services have been provided by ALCA® Florida Chapter members to:

  • Families around the country;
  • Banks and trust officers;
  • Physicians and allied health professionals;
  • Attorneys;
  • Hospitals;
  • Social service providers;
  • Gerontology professionals;
  • Senior housing communities.

Care Management Fees:

Care management fees are billed privately on a fee-for-service basis. They are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare nor by most health insurance policies. However, clients may be able to bill some services to insurance carriers, depending on the history of the individual case. ALCA® Florida Chapter members will help outline the general cost of services to insure the most advantageous way to provide cost effective services for the older person.